Facts and Opinions

Year Five are currently learning about informative texts. Informative texts contain factual information, not opinions.

Take a look at the YouTube clip below which explains the difference between facts and opinions.

The students below did a great job at locating facts about animals and sharing their opinions about them.

Click here, select an animal and leave a comment with facts and opinions about the animal. 



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37 responses to “Facts and Opinions

  1. JH

    Dear year five,
    I did the Green Basilisk lizard and I found out that these lizards have feet specially designed to help them run across water plus the have a unique running style that keeps them from sinking. In addition I thought that these lizards were EPIC!

    Here is an optional (and easy 😀 ) challenge: Identify the fact and opinion.


  2. Hap

    Dear year five,
    My animal is a dog.
    They are pets
    They Could be wild
    They can be used for people who are blind
    They can be rescue dogs
    They can be found in rspca’s
    These are facts because they are a proven statement
    Dogs are cute
    Dogs are ugly
    Dogs are playful
    Dogs sleep to much
    Dogs are playful
    These are all opinions because they are people’s thoughts beliefs and Feelings because they can not be proven

    Kind regards,

    • JC

      Dear HAP,
      Wow! I am amazed with how many points you listed. Great work. I also like how you stated why facts are facts and why opinions are opinions. Keep it up 🙂

      Kindest Regards,

  3. Dear Year Five,
    Here are some facts and opinions about Emperor Penguin.
    -They are the largest of all penguins
    -Their average lifespan is 15 to 20 years
    -They huddle each other to be warm and escape wind
    -They live on Antarctica’s ice and in the frigid surrounding water

    -They are cute
    -They are weird
    -They are very small


  4. STE

    Dear Year Five,
    My animal is a Monarch Butterfly.

    -Millions of the monarch butterfly’s fly over to California and Mexico each winter.
    -The monarch butterfly is the size of a tea cup.
    -The group name for the monarch butterfly is a flutter.
    -The monarch butterfly is a type of bug.
    -The monarch butterfly is a herbivore

    -The monarch butterfly is the most beautiful looking butterfly.
    – The monarch butterfly is ugly
    -The monarch butterfly is so pretty
    -The monarch butterfly is so annoying.
    -The monarch butterfly is evil.

    Kind Regards,

  5. BBF

    Dear year five,

    Camel spiders:

    Opinion- They are cool.
    Fact-They are bloodthirsty!

    kind regards,

  6. VVN

    Dear Year Five,

    Snowy Owl
    -it has white plumage
    -females lay a clutch of from 3 to 11 eggs
    -females are darker than males
    -it is a hunter
    -some live in the Arctic Origins

    -they are magnificent
    -they eat too much
    -they are the most beautiful animals I have ever seen
    -they are too ghostlike for my liking
    -they look cute

    Yours Sincerely,

  7. KHN1

    Dear Year Five,
    Here are some facts about the Cone snail:
    1. Cone snails have a toxic venom is strong enough to kill a man.
    2. The cone snail releases the venom into its pray by a harpoon like tooth.
    3. It can grow up to 10-15 centimetres.

    Here are some opinions:
    1. They are wonderful animals.
    2 Their shell looks weird.
    3.I hate cone snails.


  8. MP

    Dear Year Five,
    A fact is a statement that can be proven and found in many different websites and a opinion is a thought feeling or belief .
    Kind regards,

  9. BC

    Dear Year Five,

    I looked up Prairie Dogs and some facts were: prairie dogs live in underground burrows, they emerge from their burrow in daylight to forage for food and young pups are very playful and can be seen romping outside their burrows. Some opinions are: Young pups are very cute, prairie dogs eat in a disgusting way and some of them are ugly.

    Kind regards,

  10. LRH

    Dear Year Five,
    A fact is a statements that can be proven and a opinion is a person thought feeling or belief.
    -koalas are marsupials.
    -sharks have fins and tail.
    – Sharks are scary.
    -koalas are beautiful.
    -Gorillas are hairy

    Kind Regards,

  11. DJC❤️💛💚💙💜💖

    Dear Year Five,
    Facts on Ocelots:
    •Ocelots are felines
    •Ocelots live in jungles
    •Ocelots are Carnivores
    •Ocelots are endangered
    •Ocelot babies are called pups

    •Ocelots are cute
    •Ocelots are adorable
    •Ocelots are naughty
    •Ocelots are fat
    •Ocelots are ugly

    Kind Regards

  12. FML

    Dear Year Five,
    These are some of facts and opinions about Polar Bears.
    -The live in the Arctic Ice
    -Baby Polar Bears are called cubs
    -Polar Bears are strong swimmers
    These are facts because they can be proven.

    -They are cute
    -They look funny when they sleep
    -They look sweet
    These are opinions because they are thoughts, beliefs or feelings.

    Yours Truly,

  13. ces

    Dear Year 5,
    some dogs are wild,
    they are awsome.

  14. ACB

    Dear year five,
    My animal is: Camel spiders

    -They are blood thirsty
    -Camel spiders grow up to 15cm
    -Their bites are not deadly but can be very painful to humans
    -Camel spiders weigh up to 56g
    -They eat insects

    -They are big
    -Camel spiders are awesome
    -They are cool
    -They are ugly
    -Camel spiders are

    King Regards,

  15. NEL:)

    Dear Year Five,
    My animal is a dog:
    – they are animals
    – they have 4 paws
    – they have a nose
    – they are cute
    – they are ugly
    – they are scary
    Kinds Regards,

  16. AG

    Dear year five,
    cab you tell the difference between these facts and opinions.
    Crocodiles are edible.
    Kangaroos marsupials.
    Ms Elchar is better than Ms azzopardi.

    • JNN

      Dear AG,

      Here are my answers:

      I’M SOOOO AWESOME – opinion
      Crocodiles are edible- fact
      Kangaroos are marsupials- fact
      Ms Elchaar is better than Miss Azzopardi- DON’T THINK MISS AZZOPARDI will like this. But anyway it’s an opinion. I think both are equal.- opinion.

      You have come up with good facts and opinions however, when you wrote this, you made some mistakes. I hope you find these mistakes and will fix it in the future.


    • JC

      Hi AG,
      Those are great examples. I just hope the last one was for fun 😉 I like both teachers equally. Keep up the good work.


  17. NEL:)

    Dear Year Five,
    Facts are true statements that can be proven. Eg. The world cup was held in Brazil this year.
    Opinions are a person thoughts, feelings or beliefs it can not be proven. Eg. Messi is better than Rolnado. 🙂
    Kind Regards,

  18. EC

    Dear Year Five,

    My animal is a Bobcat.
    -They are nocturnal.
    -They are mammals.
    -They are carnivores.
    -They are solitary animals.
    Theese are facts because they can be proven and not peoples thoughts or feelings.

    -They are very cute.
    -They should be dead.
    -They look disgusting.
    Theese are opinions because they are peoples thoughts.

    Kind Regards,

  19. JC

    Hi Year Five,
    The animal I chose was the Jaguar.
    Facts – Jaguars are the largest of South America’s big cats.
    Jaguars are still hunted for their fur.
    These are facts because they can both be proven.

    Opinions – Jaguars have the best skin pattern out of all big cats.
    Jaguars look really ugly.
    These are opinions because they are people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.


  20. A.L2

    Dear Year Five

    A Fact is when something can be proven and a Opinion is a people thought belief and feeling. Challenge Find the Fact and Opinion in this sentence.

    My dog is the cutest dog ever!
    Fact or Opinion
    Dog has 4 legs.
    Fact or Opinion
    Cat can jump over fences
    Fact or Opinion

    My dog is adorable. It has 4 legs ,it is very smart and fluffy people would love to buy my dog.
    Fact (number of fact) opinion (number of opinion)

    Have fun!

    Sincerely A.L2

  21. AL1

    Dear year five,

    A fact is a statement that can be proven, an opinion is a persons thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
    Here is some examples:

    { Dolphins are mammals }
    { They live in the water }
    { They are grey }

    { Dolphins are cute }
    { Dolphins are ugly }
    { Dolphins are crazy }

    Facts can be proven but opinions can’t be proven.

    Kind regards,

  22. BYH

    Dear year 5,
    During facts and opinions I have learned that a fact is something that can be proven but opinions is a persons belief, feelings or thoughts.
    Here is an example about Red Pandas…..

    *Red Pandas are mammals
    *Red Pandas are herbivores
    *Young Red Pandas remain in their nests for about 90 days

    *Red Pandas are cute
    *Red Pandas are awesowme
    *Red Pandas are shy

    Kind Regards

  23. VVN

    Dear Year Five,


    – there are more than six species of oppossums
    – some raid garbage cans
    – they hunt mice
    – they hunt birds
    – they even hunt chickens

    – they should hunt alone
    – they stink
    – they disgusting
    – they are adorable
    – they are cute

    Yours Sincerely,

  24. SHZ

    Dear year five,
    Facts are true information that can be proven and a opinion is what someone or something believes.


  25. SHZ

    Dear year five,
    An example of a fact is :
    { Wolverine is the largest of the weasel family }
    { Wolverine have sharp claws }
    { Wolverine will travel 24 kilometres in a day in search of food }
    An example of a opinion is:
    [ Wolverine look like small bears ]
    [ Woverine are slow runners ]
    [ Wolverine look ugly ]

    Yours Truely,

  26. Dear Year Five,
    Facts are true statement that can be proven. Opinions are people’s thought, feeling and beliefs. Here are some facts.
    – I am in 5W
    – I am on Earth
    These are facts because they can be proven. Here are some opinions.
    – Earth is an amazing place
    – Australia is better than America
    These are opinions because they cannot be proven. They are just thoughts, beliefs and feelings.
    Now here are some facts and opinions about coelacanths. Which is the opinions and which are the facts.
    Coelacanths are an amazing creature. They have thought to be extinct 65 millions of years ago but they were the discovered in 1938 by a South African museum curator. They can reach up to 6.5 feet (2 metre) or more and they could weigh 198 pounds (90 kilograms). Coelacanths are huge. Scientists have estimated that they can live up to 60 years and more.


  27. MP

    Dear year 5,
    Here are some facts about a camel spider !

    Fact: They are blood thirsty
    Opinion : THEY ARE SCARY !!!!
    Kind regards,

  28. BBF

    Dear year five,

    Is this a fact or opinion:
    My dog is the cutest, tallest and smartest labrador ever!

    Kind regards,

  29. M.J.V

    Dear year 5,
    Facts about my dog
    He is a Maltese cross Shih Tzu
    He is cream in colour
    He is a dog

    Opinions of my dog
    He is cute
    He is noisey
    He is a good dog

  30. J.M

    Dear year five,
    My animal is a spider monkey.
    *spider monkeys have the strongest tail in the animal kingdom
    *spider monkeys spend most of their time in trees
    *they have no hair on their faces
    *their lifespan is 22 to 25 years
    *they feed mainly on ripe fruits and seeds

    *they eat bananas
    *they have cute faces
    *they are funny
    *they live in a zoo
    *they are smart
    *they act like humans


  31. Dear Year Five,

    A fact is a statement that can be proven.
    An opinion is what someone thinks about an animal or thing.

    For example,
    Fact: Pandas are native to China
    Opinion:Pandas are cute.



  32. VVN

    Dear Year Five,

    Cane Toad

    – it has venom
    – it is able to kill king cobras
    – there are millions of them
    – it is an omnivore
    – it weighs around 1.3 kg

    – it is too fat and ugly
    – it is disgusting
    – there is too much of them
    – it eats too much
    – it is beautiful

    Yours Sincerely,

  33. MJM

    Dear year fiive,

    An opinion is something that you feel or think about that animal or thing. For example, the animal i chose is the red panda. opinion: The red panda is very cute.Fact:The red panda is a brownish,red colour.

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